Henna is always up for your experiments! You can customize and modify your henna and can form a variety of shades for yourself and decide what suits you the best!

Creating custom henna color shades is simply a matter of changing the ratio of henna and indigo. Adding more henna will result in a lighter, redder color. Adding more indigo will result in a darker color. You can go in either direction, starting at these base ratios:

Red: 100% Henna

Light Brown Henna: 2/3 Henna, 1/3 Indigo

Medium Brown Henna: 1/2 Henna, 1/2 Indigo

Dark Brown Henna: 1/3 Henna, 2/3 Indigo


If you also want to minimize henna’s reddish tones and create darker, cooler colors, you can use amla powder. Use amla powder as your acidic ingredient, mix ¼ of amla with ¾ of henna and room temperature water and let it settle for around 12 hours. This will help the indigo bind better and create richer, longer-lasting colors.