With evolution, the uses of henna varied and enhanced in every way. Freckles are something very trendy and are loved by many women and young girls. As having natural freckles is not very common, creating them by henna can be really beautiful and completely harmless! Having them all the time may not be very comfortable to everyone. Creating freckles around the cheeks is one of the most beguiling cosmetic uses of henna.

How to do that?

Form a cone of henna paste; do not fall for readymade henna mix because they are adulterated. For best result take organic henna of Siddharth Herbs, they are one of the best henna manufacturers in India.

Begin with a clean and dry skin.

Make dots from natural henna paste across the bridge of your nose and around your cheek bones for a natural sun-kissed freckly look. Vary with sizes of the dots; it makes you look more natural. Keep it for around 8 hours to get a perfect henna shade.