About Us

Siddharth Herbs is long-lasting and effortless to apply hair tinting merchandise that our specialists have devised with personal care. Consisting of the purest forms of henna leaves, we have incorporated high-quality locks coloring components. However, please note that there is no added redness in any stock. Essentially, pure henna leaves behind a red tint so we have curated elements for a brown hue.

Henna is originally obtained from the henna bush that is found in North Africa, the Middle East, and India. While the henna flowers are used to make perfumes, the green leaves are processed for the dye. We understand that every client’s hair texture is different and needs customized care. Thus, we have tried to keep the products as natural and chemic-free as possible.

Your hair color indicates your personality. Thus, we have formulated a fresh range of 6 colors that you can choose to apply separately or mix well before use for a unique tint. Namely, these colors are blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black, and gray. We believe in client-centric assistance and inventive approaches. Thus, every type of hair color user can find their perfect pick with us. We are more than delighted to be of help and would adore reverting to inquiries over mail.

Why Us?

  • We promise to deliver high-quality items at extremely affordable rates. Everyone wants to buy organic items without burning a hole in their pockets. What we do is that we make your dream a reality. We understand that personal care can be quite expensive on today’s date. This is why our range of products is very reasonably priced.
  • Timely delivery is synonymous with Siddharth Herbs. Once you have booked your items on our site, we assure you that it will be delivered to you within no time. Our products are always ready to be shipped. Thus, all you need to do is add them to your cart and confirm your order.
  • We sell only high-quality products because we understand that you are trusting with your body. Just like a child trusts his mother blindly, we expect you to trust us and have faith. We avoid using chemicals in our products because we value your safety over monetary gains. You can easily contact us anytime and there is a complete guarantee that we will revert.
  • All our products are tried and tested before they hit the shelves. Thus, you do not have to worry about side effects. Henna is a very commonly used household item that has dominated India since time immemorial.

What Makes Us Best!

Siddharth Herbs is a long lasting and easy to use eyebrow tinting product that is created by experts for professionals. Based on pure henna leafs and the best hair dye coloring ingredients (there is no redness in the colors)

Pure henna is green and displays a red color. Therefore, eyebrow henna is not 100% natural because there is always dye added to the henna to produce a brown/ashy color.

Henna comes from the henna bush (Lawsonia inermis). This bush is originally from North Africa, the Middle East and India. Perfume is also made from the flowers, and the dye that comes from the green leaves is used for henna paint.

Siddharth Herbs consists of 6 high quality pigmented colors that you can mix together or use separately.Blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black & grey This gives you a large palette of colors that enables you to find the right color for every individual client.